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Agriculture and Husbandry

Ardahan is a province where bovine husbandry, beekeeping and goose breeding are carried out mainly thanks to its large forages and suitable climate for husbandry. Bovine Husbandry (approximately 300 thousands of bovine animals (2,5% of all in Turkey) is the most important means of living of the province. Meat products production in the province is highly limited and livestocks are transferred to west provinces of Turkey to be cut and proceeded. Almost 120 thousands of bovine animals and 20 thousands of sheep and goats are transferred to other cities for feast of sacrifice and being cut in each year. Ardahan lowland and Göle lowland have a great potential in agriculture and husbandry; however, their full potential cannot be used because of inadequate irrigation opportunities and wrong usage methods. Bonive husbandry, beekeeping and goose breeding are the main means of living in the province. Kashar cheese produced in Ardahan is of great quality and it is known as Kars Cheese in the country. Very exclusive honey production for Ardahan as the “Caucasus Bee Race Genetics Center” is carried out and there is a geographical mark named “Ardahan Flower Honey”. Agriculture is carried out in order to produce feed plants which are the input for husbandry in the province. Also growing and apple production (Posof) are carried out in a small scale throughout the province.