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The Agency carried out “Ardahan’s Socio-Economic Status and Suitable Investment Areas” in 2013. The results of the researches carried out on the socio-economic status of the province were included in the study firstly. And geographical condition, population and demography, technical and social infrastructure, natural sources, industry, trade, banking, foreign trade and logistics, tourism areas were discussed in the second chapter via the analyses of current situation. Public infrastructure investments in the province, strong and weak aspects, opportunities and risks of the province were examined. Suitable investment areas were analyzed by taking into consideration of the raw materials which Ardahan has and which can be input for the production process and in accordance with the factors of establishment place; potential investment areas which were considered non-problematic in terms of demand-market-resource, investment volume, profitability and risk level were determined. As a result of the researches, suitable investment areas of Ardahan are as follows:

Agriculture and Husbandry Investments

Meat and milk farming
Cow breeding
Beekeeping and production of apicultural products
Goose breeding
Sheep and goat breeding
Forage plant breeding
Endemic (curative) plant cultivation
Fresh water fish and trout production facilities
Fruit growing in Posof
Organic agriculture and husbandry
Investments in tourism and services industry

Hotels in province and districts
Food-beverage and social rest facilities of quality
Invesments in transportation and logistics
Wholesale and retail trade, shopping malls
Investments in call center
Investments in data center
Dealers, technical services, branded clothes and shoes shops
Education (Private school, nursery, course) investments
Manufacturing Industry Investments

Manufacturing of construction and building materials
Production of food products (meat and dairy products)
Ready-made feed production
Manufacturing of agriculture machinery
Manufacturing of furniture and forest products
Plastics industry products (PVC joinery and pipes)
Energy investments (HES, GES, Biogas)