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Traditional Cuisine

Ardahan Flower Honey

Ardahan is the genetics center of Caucasus Bee Race which is considered as one of the most important four bee race in the world. With the vegetation diversity which the province has within and the skill of the Caucasus Bee Race, a honey which is exclusive to Ardahan can be produced. The color of the honey which was certified with the Ardahan Flower Honey geographical mark in 2017 transparent and bright.

Göle Kashar Cheese

Kashas cheese produced by fermenting the milk of cows grassing at the tablelands which are rich in plants and flowers in the clean and pure nature of Göle is unique in its taste. Göle kashar cheese has an exclusive taste which as if it was including the colors, smell and taste of the flowers in the tablelands and grasses. Göle kashas which has been produced with great devotion and daintiness for almost 100 years start with resting for maturing in 40 degree temperature in a boiler pot where the raw milk has been put for fermenting. Milk of which maturation and fermentation duration is completed is broken up after it clots on tambour. Clotes which are separated from their juice on the same tambour are kneaded in sweating boiler. After the clotes coiled within almost 80 degree of water are turned into pastry, they are put on the wood counter and kneaded once again. The cheese gains its own color after being yellow as it is kneaded, and when it is maturated on stoch pine counters in the warehouses which are aired with north windsi it is sold. This cheese is called as Kars Cheese since Göle is a district of Kars before 1992. Kars Cheese includes all districts of Ardahan by taking Geographical mark.


Ardahan is one of the important centers of goose breeding of Turkey. Goose bred by grassing in forages with the start of spring are fed for growing large by nourishing for 1,5 month approximately in October and they are cut following the snowing. For the deliciousness in goose meat, it should be exposed to snow. After it is exposed to snow, the goose are salted and dried in cold and made ready for storage. Goose meal is a traditional cuisine of Ardahan-Kars and it is presented by being cooked by different methods such as being boiled on tandoori, fried or used for meat pastry.

Turkmen String Cheese

One of the most oldest cheese of Ardahan known, Turkmen cheese is a product which is fat-free and easy to conserve and can be used various ways. Known as string cheese among people, this cheese is produced in Damal district and villages of Ardahan and it is consumed. It is not commercial and it is only produced for household and therefore, its production is limited to particular amount.

Badela Apple (Red Fleshed Apple)

Badela Apple which is known as an apple of which inside and outside is fully red is only produced in Posof district of Ardahan in Turkey. Trees have been planted in the gardens of Posof and its production has been launhed to increase its production which is known to be beneficial for diabetes. Also the works on getting the apple to be geographically marked is continuing.