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Employees and Social Security

Employment Conditions
The employment conditions in Turkey is regulated by Labor Law and Trade Union Act fundamentally.

Under the Labor Law, there are various employment contract types:

Employment Contracts for “Temporary” and “Permanent” employment
Employment Contracts for “Definite Duration” or “Indefinite Duration” employment
Employment Contracts for “Part-time” or “Full time” employment
Employment Contracts for “On-call working”
Employment Contracts with “Probation Duration”
Employment Contracts created with Gang Contract
Employment Contracts are exempt from stamp duty and any image and fee. Discrimination against employees for their language, race, gender, political view, philosophical belief, religion or similar parameters are prohibited legally. Discrimination based on the gender while determining the salaries to be provided for the persons carrying out the same or equivalent duties are prohibited as well.

Termination of the Employment Contract
Employers and employees who are intended to terminate their employment contracts under the provisions of Labor Law no. 4857 should be make notification within a particular period before the termination as stated in the following table.

Minimum Termination Periods of Employees and Employers

Employment Duration

Notification Duration

0-6 Months

2 Weeks

6-18 Months

4 Weeks

18-36 Months

6 Weeks

More than 36 Months

8 Weeks

An employment contract is terminated in two ways:

Temporary Termination
Both employee and employer can terminate their employment contacts for indefinite duration based on the notification durations specified in the table above. The party who does not comply with the notification condition can terminate the employment contract by paying the compensation amount corresponding to the notification duration.

Terminating the employment contract before the end of the contract term or without waiting the notification duration specified above based on valid or rightful reasons specified in the Labor Law

Under the conditions specified below, both the employee and employer have the right to terminate the employment contract without being required to wait for the notification periods:

Health Issues
Cases which are violating the moral and good will rules or similar of them
Act of God

Social Security System
Social security system in Turkey went through a major transformation in 207 and at the end of this transformation process, it has turned out to be a system where different social security funds are gathered within one institution and controlled centrally and which operate more efficiently and fast.

SSI, Government Retirement Fund and Bağ-Kur (Social Security Organization for Artisans and the Self-employed) were merged within a single institution named as Social Security Institution (SSI). Since 2008, these three social security institution cover approximately 81% of the total population. The new system entered into force fully since the beginning of 2008.