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Investment Areas

Yalnızçam Ski Center

Infrastructure and facility works in torusim sector of Ardahan has been significantly progressing in the recent years. Ardahan where winter is severe is trying to turn the snow and ice which forms during winter into advantage. Ski tourism is an important opportunity in ensuring tourism diversity in the province which is under snow for 100 days and where snow thickness and quality are high. With this purpose, a ski center on Yalnızçam mountain was established. The area named as Ardahan Yalnızçam Winter Sports Tourism Center has been defined as an integral part of the winter tourism corridor with Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars under the Council of Ministers’ decision numbered 2010/647 and the construction plans of the center was approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2012. Ardahan Yalnızçam Ski Center was completed thanks to the equity of Ardahan Governorship, dirigible project support of Serhat Development Agency and EU support. Investments made in Ardahan Yalnızçam Ski Center and their approximate costs are shown in Table 1.

Name of the Investment




An hotel with 74 bed capacity operated by Ardahan Special Provincial Administration and one-day facility operated by private sector take place in Yalnızçam Ski Center. Yalnızçam Hotel can be rented by private sector on the condition of a suitable investor. In addition to the current facilities, there are 4 one-day facilities and 1 parcel for hotel investment in Ski Center. The areas which are presented to the investment are given in Table 2.