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What should you do in Ardahan before leaving?

Ardahan , the serhat city of the Eastern Anatolia will be one of the significant tourism destinations of our country in the near future with its numerous unique beauties. 10 activity which should be done in Ardahan;

To sleigh on Çıldır River during winter, to go fishing for yellow carp,

To go ski on crystal snow on Yalnızçam Ski Center,

To observe Aktaş River, Kür Valley and Demon Castle on Mozeret gate in Çıldır,

To visit Demon Castle which totally reflects its name,

To wander in the Ardahan tablelands with its rich plant flora and fresh nature and taste its cold waters and delicious red meats,

To watch the green nature of Posof during fall,

To tour by boat on Çıldır river and to feel the history on Akçakale island,

To stand for respect for Great Mustafa Kemal Atatur in Damal and feel that he is still with us,

To witness the spectacular world of Caucasian Bee collecting honey from numerous flowers,

To tasting kashar cheese in Göle and experience the perfect nature which gives its secret to the kashar cheese.