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Ardahan Investment Support Office

Serhat Development Agency’s organization structure consists of Development Committee, Board of Directors and General Secretary. Development Committee is the consultation body, Board of Directors is the decision body and General Secretariat is the executive body.

Serhat Kalkınma Ajansı is an institution which improves the coordination and cooperation among the private sector and non-governmental organizations and directs the development, provides local-oriented solutions to the local problems and provides service to the sustainable development with the usage of resources in place and efficiently.

Our primary purpose is to minimize the developmental differences within the region by ensuring coordination and cooperation among public section, private sector, non-governmental organizations and universities. With this purpose, TRA 2 Level II (Ağrı, Ardahan, Iğdır, Kars) Region Plans for 2010-2013 and 2014-2023 determining our regional priorities through scientific methods and participatory understanding have been drawn. A new model which will direct the development in terms of project financing supports, educational needs, investment and advertising opportunities has been created.

Under the 3th article of Resolution of 12th Session of Board of Directors dated 25 February 2011 of Serhat Development Agency, Coordinator of Ardahan Investment Support Office was assigned and started working. ISO activities started to be created in Governorship Service Building in 16 May 2011 and they continued to be carried out in a rented office in Ardahan Chamber of Trade and Industry since April 2013. One coordinator and one expert have been working in Ardahan ISO. Nurullah Karaca, Ardahan ISO Coordinator was graduated from Istanbul University’s Business Department and he knows English at a good level. Gökhan Özince, the Expert was graduated from Hacettepe University’s Nuclear Energy Engineering Department and he knows English at a good level.

The activities of Investment Support Office are as follows:

Duties and Authorizations of Investment Support Offices

Notifying the investors and providing consultancy service,
Following the investments to accelerate the investment process,
Advertising and having the business and investment opportunities in a national and international scale advertised in cooperation with the related institutions
Bringing the local and national stakeholders together by revealing the internal dynamics of the province,
Drawing informative documents, reasonable investment areas and investment feasibility reports and sectoral research reports for investors,
Submitting the processes of investment incentive document application, monitoring and closing up processes, permit and/or license activities or other administrative activities of the investors to the related authorities and carrying out the necessary activities,
Detecting the obstacles and problems which the investors might come across and attempting before the related authorities in the solutions of the problems,
Drawing semi-annual operation reports and presenting such reports to General Secretary and Ardahan Governorship,