With its clean and pure nature, Natural Production Center

Ardahan has a strong aspect with its pure nature and natural production in agricultural and husbandry products.

Why should Ardahan be invested?

The Joint Where Significant Energy Lines Pass Trough in Our Country
Clean and Pure Nature
Young and Education Labor Force Potential
High Foreign Trade Potential with Two Boundary Doors Opening to Georgia and Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway

Center of the Corridor of Anatolia Black Sea, Caucasus and Middle East

High Husbandry Potential with Large and Efficient Forages
High Rural Tourism Potential with Winter, Nature and Culture Values
Being Located in The Sixth Most Governmentally Invested Region
Having Food Industry Raw Material Soruces (red meat, milk, goose meat, goose feature and honey)

ArdahanNumerical Data

Bovine Animal Potential in the province
500 Ton
Annual Honey Production
200.000 Adet
Annual Goose Production
4000 Ton
Annual Kashar Cheese Production