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Places to be seen

Çıldır River
Çıldır Gölü, the second biggest river of Eastern Anatolia after Van River is surrounded by high mountains. The surface of Çıldır River of which altitude is 1.950 mt. is covered with ice which might approximately is 1 meter. Tours are organized on the river with troikas and fishing activities are organized by breaking the ice. There is a small island called as Akçakale (Kuşadası) on northeast of River. There are various bird kinds such as black cormorant, hernshaw, seagulls at this island. Apart from the natural beauties, the island is first level archaeological site area because of the ruins of the historical city. Çıldır river is rich in fish kinds.

Aktaş (Karsak - Hozapin) River

It is a shallow tectonic river located on a high plateau at the boundary of Turkey-Georgia. Half of Aktaş River which has an area for 22 km2 on northwest of Çıldır Lowland is within the boundary of Georgia. The river of which altitude is 1.794 mt. is a basin and its area is shrinking gradually. Water of the river has soda within itself. There are 12 islets within the river which are moving constantly. Aktaş River is of great importance because it includes the biggest known population density of Velvet Scoter in Turkey and since it is the only place where white pelicasn and dalmatian pelicans are reproduce all together.

Castles and Towers

Ardahan was under various hegemonies of different kingdoms throughout the history and passed into other hands frequently. There are numerous castles and towers especially through the Kura River Valley in Ardahan which is the city of castles and towers. Ardahan Castle was built over the command of Suleyman, the Magnificent at the mid of 16th century and it has survived up to todays. Approximately 20 castlesand numerous tower ruins have survived until today. The most significant of those are Şeytan Castle, Kazan Castle, Kurtkale, Kinzi Castle, Kırnav, Kalecik and Altaş Castle.

Akçakale Island

Akçakale Island located on the Çıldır River is a historical value of 10 thousands of years with its natural beauties. Having the characteristics of being an ancient city, in Akçakale Island, it is possible to see ruins of various architectural constructions of Neolithic Era. It is 70 km away from Ardahan and 86 km away from Kars. Akçakale Island city was certified as “cultural immovables to be protected” by Law on Conservation of Cultural and Natural Property and announced as “archaeological and natural site area”.


Ardahan has the nature of being the tableland of our country with its altitude of 1800 mt. on average. Tablelands are of vital importance for the province of which fundamental income source is husbandry. With cold and strong water, cool weather and rich vegetation, Ardahan tablelands provide an important potential for not only husbandry but also nature tourism. Hoçvan, Yalnızçam and Bülbülhan tablelands are coming to the forefront for tourism potential.

Damal Ataturk Silhouette

The silhouette of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Great Leader reflecting on the shoulders of Karadağ in Damal district was realized for the first time in 1952. The silhoutte of Ataturk can be watched for 20 minutes between the dates of 15 June and 15 July in each year after 06.00 pm.

Posof Wildlife Development Area

An area for 60,000 hectares in Posof is accepted as a Wildlife Development Area by a Council of Ministers' decision in 2006. The forests are narrow-ringed within the area and there are various forest groups. There are 35 animal kinds in the region and 21 of them are known as the engendered species. Also there are 5 engendered plant species in the region and Chaerophyllum posoflanum which is one these plants is present only in this region throughout the world.

Culture of Turkmen

There are many Turkmenian people residing in an area called as “Meşe Ardahan” on the left of Kür and north of Ardahan, north of Hanak district and in Damal district. This is a residential area located on the route of Turkmen tribes migrating from Central Asia to Europe. Folk named as Turkmen maintained their own traditions and customs. One of the most important characteristics of this place is that the women living in the region use the clothes of Central Asian Oguz Turks.

Culture of Poets (named as Âşık in Turkish)

The culture of poets which is an exclusive value of Eastern Anatolia welcomes us in Ardahan. Interest towards this tradition which maintains its existence though the relationship of master-apprentice has been decreasing in recent years, so the works for maintaining its existence has been continuing. Aşık Şenlik, which is one of the most important symbols of traditions of poets was experienced in Çıldır and it is one of the significant symbols of the opposition against Russian occupation during The ‘93 War.

Damal Doll

Folk of Damal consists of “Turkmen” people, they have maintained their traditions and customs. One of the most important characteristics of this place is that the women living in the region use the clothes of Central Asian Oguz Turks. Such clothes vary in accordance to the age, social status and economical power of the person to wear it. Women in the region used to clothe the dolls made out of wood with the small versions of these clothes and they used to make toys for their children. However, today plastic dolls are clothed with those clothes and sold to the people who are interested in. These clothes are made by craftsmanship of good quality and hand work by sewing beads on the fabrics. These dolls were deemed worthy for World Champions in the category of hand work at the competition of “Regional Folkloric Dolls” organized in Japan in 1996.