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Setting Up Business in Ardahan

Domestic and foreign investors are provided with equal rights and obligations under the equal treatment principle in Turkey. Equal rights and obligations provided to foreign investors have been enabled by Law on Direct Foreign Investments (DYY).

Requirements for establishing company and transfer shares are the same with the ones applied for domestic investors. Accordingly, international investors can establish all kinds of companies specified in Turkish Commercial Code (TTK). TTK provides a corporate management approach meeting the international standards, encouraging the private equity and public offering activities, ensuring transparency in operational activities and harmonizing the business environment in Turkey with the EU legislation and EU participation process.

Turkey had adopted the ease of carrying out business with the reform of improving the investment environment and therefore, the bureaucracy in company institutions has been eliminated and costs and procedures are decreased to minimum level. Accordingly, the company institutions can be realized within Trade Registry Offices only operating in Chambers of Commerce and designed as “single-destination office” and completed in the same day.