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Registering to Trade Registry Directorate

For the registration of a branch, a petition with the following documents should be delivered to the related Trade Registry Directorate:

Petition (signature of a authorized signatory or that of a proxy should be included under the company stamp; if signed by the proxy, the original copy of power of attorney or notary copy should be included in the petition)
Resolution for opening a branch of the authority of parent company,
Certified copy of the articles of association of the parent company
Operation document of the parent company or any equivalent document showing the registration of the parent company and the current status of the parent company
Power of attorney showing that full representation and bind authority have been granted for situated representative by the parent company
Five copies of establishment statement (the related fields should be filled and signed by the authorized person)
Two copies of the power of attorney specifying the representative in Turkey
Notarized copy of identity card, if the branch representative is Turkish citizen; otherwise, the notarized Turkish translation of the passport of authorized representative
Two copies of signature statements of branch representatives under the branch name
A letter of commitment (should be signed by the authorized person=
A Trade Directorate Statement Form to be provided from the Trade Registry Directorate (should be include the photographs of the branch representatives)
Any required documents to be drawn and signed out of Turkey should be notarized and apostilled or approved by Turkish Consulate where they are drawn. The original documents which have been drawn, notarized and apostilled should be translated and notarized in Turkey.